A.1 Polar Research Vessels

The Company has achieved high experience in the management of Research Ship Operating in Polar Waters, she has collaborated with the Public Institution ENEA for the PNRA (the Italian National Research Program in Antarctica) managing 23 campaigns of the MV Italica (Diamar srl ship-owner) who reached the Italian Station “Mario Zucchelli” on terra Nova Bay in the Ross Sea always with great success and client satisfaction. 

The Company has also collaborated with the Public National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) managing the MV OGS Explora while conducting research in the polar field (Arctic Campaign at the Svalbard Island) in collaboration with Italian and foreign Universities and Institutions.

A.2 Research Vessel

Among  the other collaboration with Public Institute, the Company has managed the costal research vessel for scuba diving and sampling Mv Vettoria owned by the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN), Italian public research centre, operated under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Research and Education.

Currently, the Company is managing the MV Astrea owned by the The Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), a public legal entity subject to the vigilance of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Territory and Sea.


The Company as from the beginning has demonstrated high skills in managing Offshore vessels operating in the Oil and Gas Industry assuring safe, quality and efficient solutions to satisfy customers needs giving support  services during both planning and operating phases of the activity on board of managed units.

Here below some of our services performed:

  • support to air diving operations
  • support to geophysical and geotechnical ROV survey operations
  • support to handling survey equipment testing
  • support to seismic survey
  • support to inspection and recovery object
  • support to multibeam survey-support to trenching and cable repair work
  • support to testing/trials of new equipment

 Customers always fully satisfied both for the timing of execution of the commissioned activities and for the costs applied.



The Company has a long tradition and high knowhow in managing off shore vessels operating in the wind farm industry with successful performance and full satisfaction of customers needs who operates in a cutting edge sector where one of the most important part is played by safe managing vessels. We have always had high control over our work practices ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality of our services during significant offshore wind installations/construction/maintenance of wind farm worldwide.